Grist for the Mill – Special BoE Election Edition

Today’s grist is a special piece de resistance since Tuesday’s BoE meeting and the latest on the coup d’état efforts of the Mason-Maureen First government in exile.  (Can you be a government-in-exile without first being elected? Maybe not but sssshh, don’t tell them.)

Tuesday night saw the first appearance of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s video production team at Hoboken government meetings in months – and according to one commenter here the first BoE taping since before last year’s election.   The familiar videographer was immediately recognized and there to collect film for yet another political infomercial, sorry BoE meeting.  In addition, there were Hoboken411 minions in attendance including a rare event sighting of Perry Klaussen himself.  Can a full blown hatchet job be far off?  Some say the fun and games are well underway. 

Hoboken resident and Beth Mason stalwart Lane Bajardi, last seen at a City Council meeting in a Mason campaign youtube “infomercial” before the November election, made an appearance apparently recast in the role of conspiracy maven and prosecutor.  He delivered a mostly monotone prewritten speech most notable for mimicking Maureen Sullivan’s numerous claims of victimization but much more curious was his citing confidential BoE communications not available to the public.

For one, how did Lane Bajardi know who on the BoE interfaced in private negotiations with Dr. Romano?  
The question is already being asked: who gave it to him?  

Can a full blown political operation with edited video and ghost written story lines at Hoboken411 be far off now?  For the moment, all you need to know is Mayor Dawn Zimmer endorsed Kids First and the usual “We so hate to keep losing to Dawn” automatons are all falling into their typical Hate411 roles.

The other day MSV emailed Maureen Sullivan asking how Lane Bajardi obtained confidential BoE information for his staged political commentary.  She sent an email reply saying, “such as…”  MSV then followed up with some questions also inquiring on her recent communications with Lane Bajardi.  In the spirit of fairness even after the last attempts at dialog failed, it seemed only right to at least try.  But since those questions were emailed…

MSV has received no response from Maureen Sullivan to any questions. 

If that changes or hell freezes over, we’ll let you know.  While you’re waiting, here’s the classic video of a political operation that went down in flames last November but will live in Hoboken infamy.  Enjoy!

Talking Ed Note: The six o’clock BoE session featured a lawyer presentation on ethics for BoE members including the appropriate use of information in BoE Executive Sessions.  Could a filed complaint(s) against BoE member(s) based on recent events leading to Dr. Frank Romano’s withdrawal from final negotiations prove problematic?  Penalties for such violations range from censure to outright suspension.  

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Update: 11:10 – Wrong sighting.  The Perry mentioned was not this Perry but another one.  Perry Klausfurherer king of Hoboken censorship and one sided “news” was seen at an earlier BoE ballot filing not this meeting.

Correction: Dr. Frank Romano is not related to Freeholder Anthony Romano and mistakenly the article stated Anthony not Frank.  It’s been corrected.


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