Mayor Zimmer weighs in on 4th ward election

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for supporting Mike Lenz as my 5th vote for
moving our City forward, and thank you to Mike Lenz for
your dedicated service to our City.

Although the Lenz campaign, thanks to leadership by Campaign
Manager Sam Briggs, held strong in 4-2 and 4-1, the campaign
was defeated significantly in the Housing Authority. This was
disappointing to me for several reasons. Obviously I am concerned
about losing a 5th vote on the Council and must be up front with
saying that the next 7 months will be quite challenging with
getting things done for our City.

I was also very disappointed because somehow Housing Authority
residents don’t understand how hard my Administration has been
working to improve their quality of life. I’ve been trying to do
development in a new way that could bring jobs to Hoboken, I’ve
been working hard to address the flooding, and my Administration
has created innovative programs such as Corner Cars, which gives
access to car ownership without the exorbitant costs of owning a car.

I want to thank each of you for casting your votes last night,
and voluteering your time if you were able. I want to assure you
that I am ready to recommit myself in this time of reflection. If at first
you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again is a motto that I live by.
I am writing to make sure you know that despite this setback, I will advocate as strongly as I can to continue implementing positive
change in the 4th Ward and for our City.

As I reflect on this election result, I realize that I have not been out
enough listening to residents, hearing your concerns, explaining the
issues and talking about how my Administration is trying to not only
lower costs and reduce taxes, but truly improve the quality of life for
all Hoboken residents.

I am taking a pre-planned trip with several Hoboken families to
Washington, D.C. on Thursday and Friday, but next week, look for announcements from me about community meetings on the issues
and how you can get involved.

Bringing change to Hoboken is harder than I ever imagined,
but it is the toughest job I ever loved. I need your help to
make sure we keep making our City more efficient, bring new parks, balanced development, protect the arts, keep moving Hoboken
towards a greener, environmentally friendly place, ensure our city
is safe and pedestrian friendly, and so much more.

Last night I called Tim Occhipinti to congratulate him. I sincerely
hope that he stands true to his last mailer, and does want to work
with me in the best interest of the 4th Ward. I hope to meet with
him next week to roll up my sleeves and begin that work.

At the Council meeting tonight that work continues as my Administration tries to move toward civilianization of the Police force to reduce costs
with a salary ordinance on for second reading, and we work to green Hoboken with an ordinance that makes it much easier and cost-effective
for residents to install solar panels, among other issues on the agenda.

Thanks for listening and thanks again for your support.
Best regards,

Mayor Zimmer

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