Video from Lenz for Council last night

Here is video obtained from last night’s Lenz for Council campaign. Councilman Mike Lenz concedes the election and talks about the next round of City Council elections in May. He also addresses the problems epidemic in this election saying the rules need to apply in Hoboken and “people have to be held accountable” for breaking the law.

Mayor Zimmer also speaks and addresses the campaign attendees thanking Councilman Lenz for his help carrying a lot of difficult work through on the budget and overall. She also thanks everyone out there who fought to get people to the polls.

Talking Ed Note: There’s a lot of questions swirling around over 500 paper ballots (vote by mail) and it’s extremely problematic. Indications that a whole list of problems are not going to be addressed at the county level. More on that later.

We’re not confirmed on the final figures on all those paper ballots. No one believes the volume will change the outcome. Those numbers will be posted and then Tim Occhipinti will be the fourth ward councilman.

The next election for the fourth ward is also next May.

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