Occhipinti declaring victory, Lenz not conceding

With over 500 vote by mail ballots in dispute, there’s not much doubt the numbers after challenges will still be favorable to Tim Occhipinti. He’s declaring victory and calling it a victory for the fourth ward but Councilman Mike Lenz has not conceded.

Lenz is quoted on as saying there was cheating. It’s not clear what he will do and when he might decide to make additional comment, but earlier he said, “I’m looking at al the options. I’m neither conceding nor not conceding. There was a big margin, but there was a lot of cheating.”

Tim Occhipinti leads on the machine vote 841 to 791.

When the vote by mail paper ballots are finalized, an update will be posted. There are over 500 of them and about 200 have specific challenges.

There’s word the supervisor of the Board of Elections spent all day in Hoboken investigation numerous instances of electoral fraud. It’s uncertain how that will play out after any totals are certified.

Many Hoboken residents want to see that investigation followed through. It’s not a stretch to say Tim Occhipinti and his campaign will not be among them.

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