Mayor Zimmer highlights waterfront protections, Ruben Ramos on flooding

From the desk of council candidate Jim Doyle:

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Dear Horsey and MSV readers —

We all know that one of Hoboken’s most precious resources is our waterfront. Our stunning views, parks and promenades are a big part of what makes our city a great place to live, work and visit.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has always recognized this and has been an advocate for our waterfront since taking office. She’s led the fight to protect the waterfront from inappropriate development like the Monarch project, is rebuilding Sinatra Park stronger than before, and is now focused on creating a new park at Hoboken Cove with a boathouse for recreational access to the river.
Because of her commitment to our waterfront, she is being honored on Tuesday as a “Hero of the Harbor” by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. We have to protect and continue to improve what we hold dear, and nobody understands this more than Dawn Zimmer.
This is an important election for Hoboken, and there are lots of ways you can get involved.
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·  Sign up to volunteer a few hours of your time by helping us to get the word out about the campaign and issues we care most deeply about, like the waterfront.

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Thanks for everything you are doing!

James Doyle

The Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign announces:

Click here to read Ruben’s plan

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