Better Schools Now Campaign “bum rush” parents at 1600 Park

The morning soccer affair at 1600 Park became the site of a Ruben Ramos – Better Schools Now campaign stop.

According to spectators, tables and donuts were set up for the Ruben Ramos campaign and was later joined by the Better Schools Now campaign.
According to one parent who emailed MSV, the BSN campaign took to the pitch:

“Uncool, they went on the field bum rushing parents!”

Among the parents in attendance, councilman at-large Dave Mello watching his daughter play in her game and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Neither was campaigning at the location.

Better Schools Now t-shirts featuring Murray-Falco-Waiters at 1600 Park earlier today.
According to one observer, the BSN campaign “bum rushed” parents on the field.

Patricia Waiters, a self-declared independent who last week denied she was on the Better Schools Now ticket said by phone she no longer objected but she didn’t want to be connected to the Ruben Ramos campaign.

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