Grist for the Mill: Pupie says, “Vote for Pupie”

Frank “Pupie” Raia sponsored a slate of candidates but the word filtering through Old Guard circles is he’s singularly focused on getting votes for himself. Historically, this doesn’t come as any surprise in Old Hoboken circles; that’s been a staple of Old Guard candidates through many election cycles. But what about Brit?

Timmy Occhipinti doesn’t have to go man the phones today at Alliance Bernstein.  Does he have something lined up for later at the Mason Civic? There’s no Hoboken office ready for him so he doesn’t have a place to go and work on his campaign either. Over the weekend, six pizza’s found their way to the political section at 12th and Washington. One shouldn’t say Beth Mason shies away from the family investment in Tim Occhipinti but how much will show up on an ELEC report? Will Beth Mason flagrantly break the law again in this election?  

There’s more HHA rallying going on for votes and against voter fraud as part of a Carmelo Garcia led effort to help the Ruben Ramos campaign. It’s a good strategy since competing against the voter fraud machinery re: vote-by-mail soldiers and the Old Guard underwriters is neigh impossible but taking off the padlocks and rallying your troops on Mama Johnson Field which is federal property is questionable at best.  No kids from the HHA or otherwise could use the field over Labor Day weekend.  It was personally seen locked up tight.  More political irony unique to Hoboken and Carmelo Garcia’s conversion against vote-by-mail ballots in the HHA not benefitting him.

Eduardo Gonzalez is featured in his letter on Hoboken Patch and doesn’t say much of anything about his role as Vice Chair at the Hoboken Housing Authority. Isn’t he proud to be backing Carmelo Garcia’s Vision for Hoboken and Vision 20/20? He’s voted for the HUD designated “legally flawed” contract appointment of HHA counsel Charles Daglian too many times to count on one hand while also voting several times for the PR contract of a woman who directed the media to an astroturfed Carmelo Garcia protest against his fellow HHA commissioners.  Their crime? They’ve gotten in the way of rubber stamping Carmelo Garcia’s agenda. Not a word or action of dissent from Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez on all this divisiveness.  Should anyone expect better later?

A former Hudson Reporter writer announced she’s a spokesperson for the Raia slate saying they represent “benevolence and humanitarianism,” and they should be running Hoboken. Her twitter account is taking shots at this thing called the First Amendment making unfounded accusations and blaming the mayor for Hoboken citizenry speaking out and against corruption.

Does any of this have to do with the Timmy Occhipinti spin in “quitting” his job? No spokesperson can fix that political problem with just over a month to the election.  If you want to get paid to complain about the First Amendment have a blast but can you spare us the Timmy Occhipinti is independent riff between now and November 5th?

Recall police being used like the Gestapo about Star Trek?
Who called the police for that political operation against the First Amendment? 

Up the road, West New York’s mayor is awaiting a decision from federal court on allegations he hacked the computer via his son of a political opponent’s obscure website. The opponent turns out to be wired and working with the FBI. What does that mean for all the Ricciardi conspirators walking around Hoboken who looted Hoboken City Hall for everything and anything coming and going in and out of the mayor’s office?  Beth Mason announced the FBI investigation over in Hoboken two City Council meetings ago.  So they all skate?

Talking Ed Note: Only one person who has real reason to complain about MSV and that’s Councilman Michael Russo.  He would be a mayoral candidate today if it wasn’t for MSV’s stories in early 2011 directly leading to this FBI video’s release.

Michael Russo says a lot of “stuff” but never once complained about it.  No paid spokesperson did either.

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That First Amendment is pesky.

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