Mayor Zimmer – one board position per person

Mayor Zimmer in a brief phone interview with MSV earlier today stated her strong preference that board appointments in Hoboken be strictly made along the lines of one person for one board position.

“It’s best from a policy position that it should be one person for one board based on all the great people we have in Hoboken,” she said regarding questions surrounding last night’s appointments.

“Unless there’s extenuating circumstances requiring it, people should be appointed to one board,” referencing the City Council’s appointment of Tony Soares, current Zoning Board President to the North Hudson Sewage Authority.

Regarding the role of the City Council on appointments the mayor stated, “I respect their decision.  I think Mr. Soares has been a good chair of the Zoning Board.” reported just earlier the mayor had preferred a supporter, Brian Assadourian for the sewage authority position.

Instead Tony Soares, the current President of the Zoning Board got the City Council approval from an unlikely mix of votes.  Council members Ravi Bhalla, David Mello, Beth Mason and Nino Giacchi voted against Soares’ appointment.

Council members Mike Lenz, Carol Marsh, Peter Cunningham along with the surprising votes of Councilman Mike Russo and Councilwoman Terry Castellano voted giving Tony Soares his second board position.

After his appointment, Tony Soares was seen outside City Council Chambers having a long chat of about half an hour with Michelle Russo, mother of Councilman Mike Russo.

Michelle Russo also spoke to other politicos in the City Council Chambers.  She sat in the back rows with former resident of Church Towers, Irene Smith who had sought a position on the Zoning Board.  She was quickly approved as a fourth alternate shortly later.

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Talking Ed Note: Last night in an email exchange with Tony Soares, MSV stated its preference on what should be acceptable in taking a role on Hoboken Boards.  (Those details are not being revealed for the moment.)

In an email exchange earlier today surrounding concerns on health care benefits for the role on the sewage authority, Tony wrote, “Employees on boards can not get healthcare.”

Tony has offered to do an interview and MSV has asked for some timing options.

More to come…


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