And who’s bloody idea was this?

We’re digging through the carcass of the mess last night on some of these appointments and there’s more to come.  Our friends at The Association are just having a grand old laugh over these developments.  They are doubled over and laughing at how we are being tooled.

How does it feel to be a tool for the exploitive end of Hoboken?

As we’re weeding through the quagmire at Da Sewar, we’re stuck with this gem of a choice, Marianne Camporeale, a senior from Fox Hills rammed through for a slot on the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Can someone tell me what she brings to the table?

We’re all ears?

The only qualification we know of is in the description brought to us by the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta who parked this gem on youtube with the zinger, “Yuppie-hating Marianne “I hate Newcomers and New Yorkers” Camporeale, senior citizen and Zoning Board member, is spitting mad.”

Which may explain why Hobokenite politico Perry Belfiore is so fond of her. We’ll let Perry address that at his own convenience.

More of the new face of reform. Marianne ploughed through the council on a 9-0 vote.
We’re expecting Marlon Brando to pop out and make a ghostly appearance any time now at future City Council meetings with a reprise of some of his classic work “On the Waterfront.”

Update: A reader questioned the blurb from the youtube.  Here’s the details on the earlier appointment:


December 29, 2005
The Honorable Members of the City Council
City of Hoboken
94 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Fear Ladies and Gentlemen:
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Pursuant to my authority under Chapter 44, Section 11 of the Hoboken Code, I hereby reappoint
the following individuals as members of the Hoboken Zoning Board: Marianne Camporeale to replace Thomas Foley who resigned the four (4) year term which expires December 31, 2006,

Update 2: Some greatest hits from the new HHA appointee (the Hudson Reporter):

 I do not want Zimmer to represent us

10.09.07 – 03:06 am

Dear Editor:

Surprise, surprise – Dawn Zimmer had to step down or face trial. Maybe now she will realize that all election rules must be obeyed. Judge Gallipole checked all the evidence and determined that there were many questionable actions on her part.

Fourth Ward voters now have the opportunity to re-elect Chris Campos, a proven, honest leader. Zimmer needs to put her ear to the ground and hear the rumblings coming from residents of Hoboken Housing in the Ward. They do not like her. They especially dislike her tactics against Chris who lived there and is a familiar, well loved presence.

Zimmer has done nothing for the 4th Ward. What does playing ball in Maxwell Park do for the 4th Ward? Her biggest “achievement” on the Council was her vote against accepting $18 million from the Port Authority! Her allies were told at the Council meeting of September 5, 2007 that actions like that if repeated, will mobilize voters to demand a recall.

Unlike Zimmer, Chris has much to be proud of. His leadership got Hoboken Housing out of serious financial difficulty. The Boys and Girls Club as well as the Jubilee Center have honored him with commendations and awards for his dedication to providing safe recreational opportunities for all children.

Fourth Warders unite. Defeat her soundly. Send her back where she came from. Hoboken voters want honest, corruption free elections. They do not want wealthy cheaters!

Marianne Camporeale

Update: 12:00 

As MSV had singled out Perry Belfiore by name in the post, his reply has been posted within the original story on the basis of fairness and prominence.

Perry Belfiore responds:

Roman, I am very fond of Marianne and believe she will be a great addition to the Housing Authority. Apparently, so did nine members of the council, yet they were not called out by name. Fox Hills is becoming an armed camp and only a strong center will hold that building together. Marianne can be that force. Of more concern is Eric Kurta continuing to beat the drum of polarization. There are no absolutes, no monoliths denigration through guilt by association should be shunned in favor of accepting people for who they are not what group they belong to. Marianne wrote and signed a letter opposing Zimmer, that is her right. Marianne should be allowed time to perform her duties and encourage to succeed absent knee jerk criticism. 



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