So what is reform?

People define reform in many ways.  Last night’s meeting included a number of appointments and has created a backwash of murmurs throughout what can be described as the activist and/or reform community?

This is an open thread to discuss what you believe Hoboken reform means and what it’s future should mean.

MSV is working on a story in this regard.  In the interim, Da Horsey wanted to make sure you knew, we are already hearing you, loud and clear.

Here’s some questions swirling regarding a number of appointments made by the City Council last night.  If one was to ask the community that worked so hard for change what they thought, one could say there’s some real questions emerging now.

Let’s not focus on just process or improving such, that should be moving along.  Is it?
Seems like it was only yesterday Hoboken moved to decentralize the power of the Zoning Board because a mayor’s authority was too centralized and open to corruption proved true in our sad recent history.  It was said it’s better to diversify that power among a nine member body?  So are we now advocating centralized power again?  And why?

What values should our appointments reflect?  Do our appointments reflect those values?  People can disagree on policy from time to time, that’s to be expected.  But our core values, how do we as a community assess those?

Oh and last, is this the face of reform?

Michelle Russo, the “head” of recent Column C’s Democratic Committee group and a long time participant in Hoboken politics attended last night’s City Council meeting.
More to come…

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