Councilwoman Mason declares BoE election neutrality?

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In an interview just after the conclusion of the special City Council meeting, Councilwoman Beth Mason twice stated “I don’t know” to a question whether her cameraman’s videotape of the BoE meeting Tuesday would be used for political purposes in the upcoming BoE election.

“I don’t know” on political use of tape

Last April Councilwoman Mason declared neutrality on the BoE race that led to a Kids First victory changing the dynamics of Hoboken leading into the mayoral elections in the spring and fall.  Asked if this was the case this year as well, the Councilwoman indicated yes.

Concerning the sudden appearance of her cameraman filming Tuesday night’s BoE meeting, the last before the April election, the Councilwoman said it was “for transparency” due to the BoE not filming “of late.”*  Questions on the potential use of the tape led to the Councilwoman declaring her videos were only used “in their entirety.”

This followed with questions of partial edited videotapes posted on the internet leading into the November election on youtube under the moniker “Stop Hiding the Budget” – a reference to charges made during a City Council meeting that then Acting Mayor and City Council President Dawn Zimmer withheld information that would be “damaging” to her election. Councilwoman Mason initially stated this was City of Hoboken video but MSV insisted it maintained a copy (since removed from youtube) and the camera angle revealed it was not the City’s but from her cameraman and clearly edited for political purposes on youtube.  Councilwoman Mason then would neither confirm nor deny the tape’s origins stating it was perhaps someone else’s video as there were others “shooting” with cameras leading into the election at City Council meetings.

To the final question on whether her video would be similarly used for political purposes, Councilwoman Mason paused before saying, “I don’t know.”  Asked again she paused and started to turn away quietly saying again, “I don’t know” concluding the interview.

* A Board of Education source stated there have been no problems filming any of its recent meetings including last Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Board of Eduction meeting is currently being shown continuously on Channel 77.

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