HHA Chairman Stuiver calls on Director to release attorney bids to HHA board

From the desk of Hoboken Housing Authority Chairman Jake Stuiver:

Hoboken Housing Authority Chairman Jake Stuiver is calling on HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia to release all received submissions to the RFQ for the Board of Commissioners’ general-counsel contract to all members of the board by the end of business today. The bid deadline was 11 a.m. today.
Chairman Stuiver has requested numerous times over the past month that each member of the Board of Commissioners receive copies of all RFQ responses by 5 p.m. today, giving Director Garcia and his staff ample time after the 11 a.m. deadline to get all submissions copied and distributed. Compliance with this request would allow each Commissioner one full weekend and most of next week to review the responses thoroughly and responsibly in time for the special meeting of Thursday, February 7, when a selection is expected to be nominated and voted on.
The Chairman e-mailed a reminder of this request to the Director on Thursday, January 31, and received no response until 10:39 a.m. today, in which Director Garcia stated he was not feeling well and intended to take the rest of the day as sick time, making it impossible for the responses to be opened and distributed until Monday. Chairman Stuiver responded that this position is unacceptable.
“While I’m always sympathetic to any of our employees’ health and wellness, this is a very important process whose steps I outlined repeatedly in multiple formats,” Stuiver said. “Director Garcia’s job is to do everything in his power to comply with the requests, instructions and policies of the Board of Commissioners. His inability to complete this very clear and long-established request because of an unexpected illness further highlights the need to hire a Deputy
Executive Director as soon as possible.”

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