Mayor to lame duck council on more salary reductions: ‘Play politics, say hello veto’

From the desk of Mayor Dawn Zimmer:

Dear Council Members,

Tonight’s City Council Agenda includes second readings of proposed Ordinances reducing the Mayor’s and Directors’ salaries over and above the 10% reduction that I myself implemented immediately upon taking office.  These proposals, which were introduced during an election campaign, appear to have been based at least in part by political rather than public policy considerations. They are not in the best interests of the City of Hoboken, and I urge the City Council to reject these ill considered measures. Please be advised that if these measures are passed on second reading, I will exercise my authority under the Faulkner Act to veto them.  

Best regards,

Mayor Zimmer

Dawn Zimmer
Mayor, City of Hoboken

Mayor Dawn Zimmer center in this stock photo with her directors and City Clerk Jimmy Farina (l)

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