Beth Mason’s short era as council chair ends tonight with City Council meeting @ 7:00

This is the end.  The end of the seizure of Hoboken’s legislative body since the November installation of one Tim Occhipinti via a massively funded and paid voter operation.  Hey, that’s not corruption, not among some in these parts, that’s just Hoboken elections.

That operation led to Councilwoman Beth Mason seizing the council chair in a midnight power grab and wielding it in about as unprofessional and unethical manner in living memory inside City Council chambers.  The stain should end tonight.

The culmination of a non-stop political operation having next to nothing to do with the good of the town; be it the lack of work to make real budget cuts, a temporary budget ambush thrown down in pencil, the efforts to derail Corner Cars, the endless ambition to use five votes to obstruct and undermine and apply politrickin as the standard operating procedure.

Enough, it’s over and the Beth Russo hydra ends tonight.  What Hoboken has witnessed in recent months is the most raw display of power on behalf of individual agendas laden with animosity, jealousy, envy and ambition with no regard whatsoever for consensus, respect for the institution, its members, the government, the mayor or the public.

From the first moment almost 400 paper ballots were tallied for Tim Occhipinti last November in a typical election for a ward where less than a thousand votes wins, the actions by this ‘majority’ has been just short of criminal.

In fact the final verdict on that is not in yet.  That will come courtesy of the FBI.


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