As the countdown begins, remember when…

The countdown clock on the right showing common sense in the form of Jen Giattino is not the only one in Hoboken that matters.  Tonight will be the last of the Beth Russo hydra before the town can breathe deeply and move forward on any number of fronts.  Of course the sniping isn’t going away, after all that’s the original Beth Russo hydra trademark.

So MSV has been hunting for an old clip when Councilwoman Beth Mason tried to put her favorite website Hoboken411 on the town payroll.  Finally hitting pay dirt, it’s a reel from the not so distant past.

Everyone is asking what city information reached Hoboken411 lately, but of the criminal variety the FBI would be interested in learning.  As the political apparatus for Beth Russo, has confidential electronic information been viewed from logins there on the email accounts of city officials? 

As the FBI’s criminal investigation continues apace, here’s a short clip showing Beth Mason doing her hardest for the biggest dirt bag in town’s website, where innuendo is only a warmup and fabrication a way of life when targeting her political enemies to destroy those in elected office, local government or town resident who dare get in her way.

No source or author ever need pen their name.

Talking Ed Note:  This video clip almost two years old shows Councilwoman Beth Mason proposing Hoboken411 be paid to post city information releases on its website.  Councilwoman Carol Marsh makes it abundantly clear – not happening.

We hear Beth’s ghostwriting minion has been on her payroll ever since.
Better her than us taxpayers.

Story concept by the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta and Da Horsey.
Video courtesy of the Wiley Coyote.

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