Mayor to State – “Where’s the Report!?”

In a blockbuster news conference held at City Hall this morning, Mayor Zimmer held the preliminary draft of the Public Safety Audit on the Hoboken Police Department and stated it had been in her possession since the fall but she was unable to share it with the appropriate internal agencies and the government along with the public.  Declaring the State had not completed its “cosmetic” changes since last September she added, “Five months is long enough to do edits” and she was finally going public as a result to get it released.

Contesting the reasoning for the delays stated most recently to Mile Square View by Susan Jacobucci, Director Division of Local Government Services, the Hoboken mayor just fell short of charging the delay as being politically driven at the state level.  In addition, the mayor indicated her numerous conversations with Director Jacobucci and her office had failed in the agreed delivery date for mid-January and manpower cited as an excuse in Trenton an inadequate reason.  Mayor Zimmer indicated she had voiced her concern on the report’s late finalized version to Hoboken with Gov. Christie’s office and appreciated the unified voice in the fiscal state monitor, Judy Tripodi calling for the report’s release at the Budget Workshop held Saturday.

Mile Square View will be posting the complete video of the news conference unedited.  
In addition, Mayor Zimmer along with Corporate Counsel Kates indicated the full background and reasons why Lt. Angelo Andriani had been suspended without pay and the process on closing out that case.

More to come… 

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