Eat, Drink, Hoboken – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Good times, bad times, happy and sad times – there’s always a saloon or restaurant you can find to your liking here in Hoboken.  Oh we don’t have all the panache of say a Hooters extravaganza at the ready but hey you never know when a couple of less than bashful Jersey girls will break out into a competition dancing on tables or what have you.

Hey MTV renewed the Jersey Shore kids, The Cake Boss is renewed for yet another season and the US just introduced the highest ever spending plan in the nation’s history.

A new website encapsulating all the latest and greatest on a daily basis is up and it’s a pretty nice reference point to get you started eating and drinking your miseries away.  They have a little $25 Twitter giveaway promotion running now too.

While Nero fiddled…hey bartender, drinks all around.  To all my friendzzzzz!

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