Lt. Andriani’s suspended pay – all on the table

Lt. Angelo Andriani now suspended without pay was the second part of the press conference held this morning at City Hall and the summation of it concludes: everything is on the table including the City recovering pay for the two years he’s been on suspension.  Corporate Counsel Kates made it clear this is all now part of the discussion in talks with Mr. Andriani’s attorney.  He later added his conclusion justifying the suspension without pay and the redress of earlier suspended pay came from his fresh review of the case.

In a discussion after the press conference, Public Safety Director Angel Alicea indicated his review of the event at the Tampa Airport demonstrated improper use of the Hoboken Police Badge by the suspended officer.  Asked how it was that he could show a badge while on suspension, the Director said, “It’s possible he surrendered his original badge but had another and used this one improperly in identifying himself as a police officer.”

MSV is awaiting some scanned documents showing the legal basis for the delay in the case.  In a document dated, February 2nd, Hoboken attorney Paul Condon indicates to Corporation Counsel Michael Kates, the most recent delay of “months” was due to the demand apparently by Angelo Andriani’s attorney that former Mayor Roberts testify.  Andriani’s attorney’s scheduling “conflicts” are also cited.

Photo: Dawn Zimmer hold the preliminary copy of the State Police Audit from last August. Seated right is Corporate Counsel Kates.

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