Mayor to Council heads – Tell me what to do with the budget surplus

In a letter to the City Council heads, Mayor Zimmer requested Beth Mason and Mike Russo get back to her by the end of the month indicating what should be retained in the City’s budget surplus.  Noting it would be their decision as it’s determined by the City Council, she asked them to provide specific “input on the matter,” on how to handle the surplus so it could be taken into account in preparation of the new budget.

The letter also notes the $10 million cash was set aside for the 2010 budget a figure falling within the range recommended by financial experts and rating agencies.

Last week at the emergency City Council meeting Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti were asked in the public session to correct their misstatements on stating there was a $20 million surplus.  Beth Mason refused (she’s never wrong you know) and now will be charged to submit the surplus amount the city should retain.  She’s previously said it should be given back, and stated that exact position again at the emergency City Council meeting Monday.  (It happens to be in the video below.)

As there is no $20 million available based on the most recently available figures, it should be interesting how Beth Mason explains this one.  If nothing else, it will be entertaining.

Talking Ed Note: Well Beth we don’t care where you get it.  Give us our $20 million.

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