Beth Mason turns her sights on Tom Greaney


During the coronation of Beth Mason to Council President, one could easily believe it was all peaches and cream with her family stopping by to witness the event.  But politics in Hoboken is a rough and tumble atmosphere, and the Mile Square City is a valuable property, sitting atop many visions for further grandeur in the political stratosphere of the Soprano State.

Using the City Council chambers to run a political operation is actually not new to Beth Mason.  At various times she’s hired a cameraman to come film Council meetings, not for “transparency,” – that was Old Beth – but to gather footage for cut and paste political hit jobs with TV and Youtube ads.  MSV was proud to uncover a critical one days leading into the fall 2009 mayoral election here:

At the coronation City Council meeting Beth Mason again hired her trusty camera service to come and film the event.  Nothing particularly surprising in that, but further examination showed a quite different intent and transparency had nothing to do with it.

Beth Mason’s cameraman spent an inordinate amount of time not filming the meeting.  Why?

As the meeting got underway, Da Horsey noticed the cameraman was spending an inordinate amount of time filming the audience with the camera pointed in the direction of the front third across the room.  The cameraman was not filming the audience per se, he was continuously filming one section of the audience.  And it then became clear who was his person of interest:

Tom Greaney, 2nd ward City Council candidate

Clocking this for a bit, the cameraman seemed intent on obtaining continuous footage of Mr. Greaney who was doing nothing more than sitting quietly observing the meeting.  After some time passed, the camera swung to the front of the room but then minutes later he returned to the true job moving the camera back to continuously filming where Tom Greaney sat.  This went on for a good long spell.

Having met Mr. Greaney, Da Horsey trotted over to give him a heads up to what was transpiring.  As he was being informed of the political operation underway in City Council chambers, Tom clearly did not know on who’s behalf the filming was being done.  He was completely taken by surprise to hear he was being filmed for yet another Beth Mason City Council special feature to come: a cut and paste hit job to be determined later by Beth Mason’s re-election campaign.  As this was being relayed, the first speaker completed their remarks and then Beth Mason immediately called out our name to come to the microphone.

The only problem: our name was way down on the lower end of the list but now magically Da Horsey was bumped all the way to the top.  How did that happen?  Mere coincidence? 

After only two hours into the meeting, Beth Mason’s cameraman departs.  Mission Accomplished!

It was fairly obvious to us Beth Mason saw that her cameraman’s handiwork was spotted and his cover of filming the meeting blown. (He was shooting the meeting for the purpose of transparency right?).  Showing her deft political instincts, Beth Mason wielded the power of the City Council chair and quickly bumped Da Horsey all the way to the top of the list in the hope she could stop Tom Greaney from learning he was being surreptitiously filmed for a later cut and past hit job like was done previously to then City Council President Dawn Zimmer in the infamous “Stop Hiding the Budget” sham video.

Coronation or not, Beth Mason wanted that stock footage and by darn she was going to get it even if it meant bumping Da Horsey way up the speaker’s list in the hopes her operation wouldn’t be blown and communicated to Tom Greaney.

Too late, sorry Beth.  I hate when that happens.

Talking Ed Note: Just in case anyone thinks Beth Mason merely made a casual error on a speakers list with only five people signed up at the emergency City Council meeting Monday, here’s another example of Beth Mason’s transparency.

If you believe she’ll be posting that video, you’ll have better chance of seeing hell freeze over.  Beth Mason doesn’t even have a complete video of the meeting to make available.  This time we’ll bet Beth Mason won’t make the claim like she had during last Board of Education election season, this was for transparency.  (Yes in an interview she really told MSV that.)  She pulled the plug on filming meetings there when things didn’t look good in her opposition to Kids First, although a family contribution of $5,700 was later shown in an ELEC report to a rival group.

MSV sat on this story although it was obvious what she was doing the same night she took the gavel.  It only took one additional meeting to reconfirm how transparent Beth Mason is in wielding the powers of City Council President.

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