It’s Official: the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta is in for the 1st Ward City Council election!

Based on a Hudson Reporter story earlier today, reporter Ray Smith reveals ELEC documents showing long time good government activist Eric Kurta will be a candidate for the 1st ward City Council seat.

The seat currently held by Terry Castellano, cousin of former convicted felon and ex-mayor Anthony Russo means a key clash of Hoboken’s past and future will be contrasted in this May’s city wide council elections.

Eric Kurta is a long time advocate of good government policies currently serving on the Hoboken University Medical Center board where a successful bidder to buy the facility and relieve Hoboken taxpayers of a $52 million bond liability was just announced.  He’s also Vice President of People for Open Government.  His role was central in passing landmark pay to play legislation in Hoboken when he served as President in the legendary organization.

The video below “Cammarano Condescends,” shows a member of POG in a mano-a-mano battle with then Councilman Peter Cammarano with Terry Castellano barking out her desire to get a shot at Eric Kurta.

Well Terry Castellano just fished her wish.

Rumors of candidates are circulating in other wards but MSV as a matter of policy will not float their names without expressed consent.  There is broad speculation on the 3rd ward with several candidates having given consideration to take on Councilman Mike Russo, but none have moved forward to step up to the plate yet.

Long time political player, Frank Raia is a 3rd ward resident but it’s not clear if he is considering such a move this round.  The 3rd ward remains wide open for a candidate to step up to the plate.

Earlier the Hudson Reporter searched similar documents showing 2nd ward resident Tom Greaney filing required ELEC forms in a similar matchup of Old Guard versus reform minded candidates.  That was the first salvo with a matchup where Tom Greaney takes on the monied Beth Mason who ditched reform to form an alliance with the Russo clan.

Talking Ed Note: Eric Kurta is also the editor of the Hoboken Advocate, a website linked here on MSV.  We think he’s going to be a bit busy on other things though.

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