Mayor to Beth Mason: FBI declines your request on criminal investigation

In a letter to the City Council, Mayor Dawn Zimmer passed on a message to Councilwoman Beth Mason courtesy of the FBI: there will be no additional information given in the ongoing criminal investigation.

The rebuke comes as part of an apparent cat and mouse game where Councilwoman Beth Mason called for a special meeting last Friday.  That meeting failed to materialize likely due to failure to meet the Open Meetings Act requirement. (MSV reported exclusively on this last week.)

In the letter below, Mayor Zimmer declines to provide any additional information sought in the new special City Council meeting set for Monday.  The mayor explains the FBI informed her Friday it will not do so as it may compromise its case.

Mayor & FBI Respond to Beth Mason

Talking Ed Note: The FBI is in town and the FBI doesn’t play games. No information is going to be handed over to the lawyers. Have a nice day.

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