Beth Mason tries to fit in one more ambush

Another Friday and another call by Councilwoman Beth Mason for a Monday special council meeting.  In need of a distraction to get the FBI heat off and change the topic, Mason is back to her meme, “I’m going to get them,” with yet another shady contemptuous anti-public call for a meeting at the last minute.

This is transparency?  Yet another Friday ambush for yet another Monday meeting with the public looking elsewhere – as in a summer weekend.  The Beth Russo hydra looks to go on the offensive as the sweating among its troops is creating quite a messy puddle.  In their waning days of power, it’s sure to get absolutely nowhere other than the noise they will be screaming to the heavens to any reporter who will kindly listen, obey and repeat the narrative without asking any uncomfortable questions.


According to the Hudson Reporter:

 “One resolution would be to “command the appearance of officials or employees of the City…to fully advise the City Council about the aforementioned matter” and another would be to adopt a resolution “directing that ‘Rice Notices’ be issued to certain employees of the city of Hoboken.”

So with the countdown in days underway with the end to the Beth Russo hydra, the lame duck ‘majority’ is going to try to create noise and irritation pointed at the Mayor’s staffers.  One can imagine if they would care to show they might just drop a pile of emails printed out and walk out of the room laughing.  

It’s highly doubtful anyone is going to take any of this very seriously.  Wonder if Councilman Nino Giacchi would question the necessity of this.  At the last Council meeting, the outgoing 6th ward Councilman began the discussion on the request from the FBI to have the city’s lawyer relay a message declaring it unnecessary out of the gate.  

Councilman Ravi Bhalla responded to that Beth Russo political orchestration, calling the effort to avoid hearing from the FBI astounding.  (See video below.)

Five votes were needed for this grandstanding meeting called and clearly Councilman Nino Giacchi is on board with this.  Another Giacchi vote, this one behind closed doors or over the phone to obtain five needed votes to obtain this Mason declared meeting.  Not very transparent is it?

Here’s Councilman Giacchi declaring executive session to hear from the FBI “unnecessary” out of the gate before he even knows what it’s about.  Hey, why would you want to hear from the FBI?  Those are the guys after the local good old boys and your friend’s friends.  (Can we say welcome Councilwoman Giattino fast enough?)

Way to go lame duck Councilman Giacchi!

Talking Ed Note: No local publication even reported on the last attempt by Beth Mason to create this sideshow a week ago.  That’s right zero!  You can bet they will all be in attendance Monday armed with pens and computers at the ready to trot out the latest Beth Russo party line.

Will any critical questions be asked?  It’s long overdue.

That my fellow readers is what keeps MSV growing and growing and in business.

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