Jamie Cryan prepped by ‘Real Democrats’ for Hoboken Democratic Committee Chair

With the reorganization meeting Monday night at Room 84 and the Michele Russo “Real Dems” and their recruited Republican cast members in line to finalize their 38-34 lead for Hoboken Democratic Committee, a relatively new face is set to take the official role as Democratic Chair.

Replying to an inquiry by email on the rumors, Cryan wrote,

I would be honored, if chosen. The goal would be to bring us all together so we can expand the party and put up big numbers for Sen Menendez in his hometown.  It’s about growing the party locally, not separating us.”

Jamie Cryan last fall at the Jubilee Center

Jamie Cryan cousin of NJ State Assembly majority leader Joe Cryan is slated to be the figurehead for the Hoboken Committee much as he acted as campaign manager for “independent” Tim Occhipinti in last fall’s 4th ward special election.

Cryan is part of the campaign by the Old Guard being introduced and prepped for office in Hoboken based on a formula deployed by former county Freeholder and Church Towers resident Maurice Fitzgibbons who gave Hoboken Peter Cammarano and Tim Occhipinti.

Cryan was a strong supporter of ex-mayor Peter Cammarano and is a mortgage broker by trade.  His facade is easier to utilize in pushing voters to believe the Hoboken Democratic Committee is more palatable than under its true organizer Michele Russo, who is rumored to have received lots of cash for the local committee race from Councilwoman Beth Mason’s family as part of the Beth Russo alliance.

Here’s Jamie Cryan appearing in the notorious midnight lair video last fall when election investigators appeared earlier that day at the Hoboken Housing Authority collecting information on absentee ballot fraud.  That legal complaint filed with other suspected violations was forwarded from the Hudson County Board of Elections to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and then up to the NJ Attorney General.  There’s been no comment on the matter of the review at that level since.

Featured at the dead of night Monday meeting are: Michele “five bucks a tow” Russo, Councilman Mike Russo, then council candidate Tim Occhipinti, political operative James “Finboy” Barracato, Beth Mason minion Lane Bajardi, and Church Towers resident Michael Holmes who was charged for allegedly assaulting a Hoboken mom and taking her camera at the polling station during the BoE election.*

Tim’s Midnite Lair

Talking Ed Note:  In the public video taken outside the Tim Occhipinti campaign location, Councilman Mike Russo (in red visor) is seen hugging it out with Jamie Cryan, Lane Bajardi, James Barracato and then leaving with Tim Occhipinti in an illegally parked car driven by his mother Michele Russo.

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* The case is active in Hoboken Municipal Court and was reported exclusively on MSV.
The local media can’t seem to find an appetite to report on a Hoboken mom allegedly attacked at a polling station in Church Towers.
Church Towers resident Michael Holmes was represented in his last Hoboken Municipal Court appearance a week and a half ago by former Hoboken municipal judge and 2009 mayoral candidate Kimberly Glatt.

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