Mayor Dawn Zimmer on FBI: “I trust them”

In a short phone interview yesterday, Mayor Dawn Zimmer spoke about the FBI investigation burning up the Hoboken blogosphere since the arrest of IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi.

The mayor at first referred questions to the US Attorney’s Office, but offered some limited comment on matters not directly connected to the FBI investigation.

Mayor Zimmer at a hospital press conference last month

Asked her feelings on discovering the Data Theft Ring had been constructed early in her term back in early 2010, the mayor stated, “The first thing is I do appreciate the FBI and the US Attorneys Office.  Once we found the evidence of the security breach, we acted appropriated and I trust they will do a complete and thorough investigation.”

Surrounding her personal concerns, the mayor expressed her feelings revolving on sensitive negotiations with the Office of the Mayor’s communications being completely compromised.  “My immediate concern is the negotiations that were going on – one of them being the hospital.”

The City of Hoboken has held several highly sensitive negotiations under Mayor Zimmer’s term including contracts for Public Safety, the Municipal Garage and most recently Hoboken University Medical Center – to name just a few.

While not detailing any one sensitive area, the mayor concluded her reflection adding, “My concern has been protecting the City’s interests on all matters.”

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