The Conspiracy against the People of Hoboken

Take a deep breath, pause, and let’s take it from the top.  The FBI investigation in Hoboken is in the pupae stage.  A strategy to take down the Data Theft Ring is the initiator in what the complaint hints is a far wider criminal conspiracy against the City of Hoboken.

After watching the doings of MORTe and company in several elections and City Council meetings, does anyone even think they can make a case these people are not in a war to obtain power by any means necessary?

They almost threw the City into financial ruin, shut a hospital already saved that would have destroyed countless lives and are currently playing with the lives of municipal workers and the City’s financial health on the issue of a simple refinance of the midtown garage.

The FBI is officially back in Hoboken in a big way pointing to municipal suspects on a larger conspiracy.
Pictured from left Council members Michael Russo, Beth Mason, Developer Frank Raia, Councilman Tim Occhipinti, Old Guard lawyer Michael Goldberg and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

While the FBI was expected to move on the City Hall Data Theft Ring, it’s done so in spectacular fashion laying out a foreshadowed storyline for all of Hoboken to see with a front row seat.

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