And now a word of thanks from Kurt Gardiner

Thanks to Everyone For Your Support! Gardiner For Freeholder
Thank you for your support for my first run in Hoboken/ Hudson County politics as Freeholder of District 5 in Hudson County.  A first time candidate running as an independent I was realistic and did not expect to win. However, I am very happy with the turnout from this election in that I got over 1500 votes. I ran my campaign to raise awareness on the issues of Hoboken getting the short of the “stick” with respect to services we get back from Hudson County and I believe my message resonated with the Hoboken and Jersey City Heights voters.
This campaign was limited by design. I look at many of my undertakings with an eye on return on investment and not just from a financial standpoint. Sure, I could have spent $30,000 and the margin may have been closer but the result would have very likely been the same. I am grounded in that reality. This run is just a beginning and I intend to get Hoboken involved more in watching the County. Hoboken deserves its fair share and my turnout has sent a message to the County that there is a large enough block of voters that feel they are being robbed. I intend to grow that base of voters over the next 3 years and give it another shot.
I extend congratulations to Anthony Romano for winning his re-election and hope to work with him to be a better Freeholder for Hoboken and JC Heights. I hope next time he will be willing to debate the issues instead of cowering in a corner and hiding behind the HCDO banner. Several debates in 2014 will give the voters more information next time to make their decision on who to vote for. There are opportunities coming up for the County to finally deliver services for Hoboken that we have been denied of for years. Look for me to continue to advocate for our public schools, a better municipal government and more accountability from Hudson County with our taxpayer dollars.
This first campaign of mine was less of a campaign and more of a social media experiment in enabling a grass-roots political movement. Imagine the possibilities when I run a campaign for real. Thanks again voters. You sent a message to Hudson County Bosses for sure. In words of despised destruct-a-con Hoboken 2nd Ward City Council Woman Beth Mason and Anthony Romano political ally “We did it!” 🙂

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