Mayor calls special council meeting on the hospital tomorrow @ 7:00

Mayor Zimmer has called for a special meeting of the City Council on several hospital related issues tomorrow @ 7:00.

There’s several items here and the second is regarding litigation in closed session.  As the hospital’s management arm declared bankruptcy, Hoboken will be in line for almost $2 million in outstanding obligations, about half to the Parking Authority.

The City is looking to set up a legal contract to engage that issue.  There’s also a settlement portion here but it’s unclear as to the details.

What professional work needs to be completed will likely pass as the Beth Russo group does not have the votes to obstruct.  Councilwoman Beth Mason has been working behind the scenes with Appleseed and the unions to subvert the deal but in the end, the process is just one step from completion needing a signature from the State.

Although Bayonne’s Holdco has agreed to retain 75% of the jobs, some have tried to create a climate of fear saying it will be exactly 75%.  On background someone who has a sense of the proceedings believes it will be far higher than the minimum of 75%, although nothing can be confirmed until it’s all said and done.

The sabotage to the needed sale of the hospital is all but finished.  Now Hoboken needs to see the completion of the sale to both save the hospital and spare the taxpayers the risk over $50 million.

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