Pearson Education moving to Hoboken?

Pearson Education a NJ based company in upper Saddle River is rumored to be looking for a new home in the Garden State.  As part of a state tax incentive, this one comes in at a whopping $90 million, Pearson would need to select a new home near one of nine transportation hubs.

According to a story on North, the word on the street is it’s Hoboken.

It’s estimated the Bergen County based company employes 1,100 people.  The potential destination for many of those jobs and the local spending that would come with it is River St.

Pearson Education may be coming to Hoboken, according to North

Talking Ed Note: This is one sizable score, almost as impressive as the company New Jersey Transit was touting for their cornerstone building along the water at the train station.   New Jersey Transit did not publicly name Pearson but how much do you want to bet it was?

Nick Callichio at City Council
meeting: ‘Recall’ Kids First

On another jobs front, there was a BoE meeting last night.  The War of the Roses between Kids First and the Old Guard led by Frank Raia is in high gear.  Along with Raia was Michele Russo, 5th ward council candidate from last spring Perry Belfiore, Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, Teresa Burns, 4th ward politicos Nick and Matt Calicchio.

Coming after Raia’s referendum effort to stop Election Day in November petitions were submitted, Nick Calicchio reportedly spoke about a new recall effort targeting BoE members.

It’s not election season but it never ended at the BoE since theirs last April.

Kids First has reduced spending and cut administration positions while expanding instructional programs for 900K.  Another million is being saved for preserving the existing tax levy so there is no tax increase on Hoboken taxpayers.

Even though it’s August, the smell of money is in the air and the Old Guard wants it.

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