And now a word from our sponsor

Rather this is really a word on proper etiquette from your host in the stable.  While free spirited discussion is always acceptable, personal attacks are not.  One transgression typically leads to another, fostering no policy, advancing no good idea and making for more clean up work for Da Horsey.

So let’s all be polite and do unto others as they would unto your absentee ballot, which is to treat it like gold cuz it is gold.  After all, the show is about to start and everyone here is going to have a first row view.

Talking Ed Note: MSV will cover the special city council meeting tonight.  A live internet webcast is anticipated to be available and will be posted for viewing later.

In the meantime, let’s practice more the golden rule, love thy neighbor.  
They may not be your neighbor for that much longer.

In case you missed it earlier, Grafix Avenger is back from a fishing expedition with Little Avenger.  She reappeared with a HolLotta bang:

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