Mayor announces Fire Dept Reorg with $2.2 million in savings

City of Hoboken announces:

$2.2 million in annual savings; Creation of combined 3-1-1/dispatch system
Based on the findings of a recently-completed audit of the Fire Department conducted by Matrix Consulting Group and input from Fire Chief Blohm and Business Administrator Liston, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced plans to restructure the Hoboken Fire Department.
“My top priority is to protect our community in the most cost-effective way possible, and I will always base these important decisions on the facts and the needs of our community,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.
Since 2008, the Fire Department has been reduced in size by 20% through a hiring freeze and attrition of 38 employees. Consistent with the recommendations of the audit, the department will remain at the current staffing level and will not increase in size. In addition, 12 Firefighters will be promoted to Captain and 5 Captains will be promoted to Battalion Chief to fill the superior officers positions vacated through retirements. As a result, the City will realize an estimated $2.2 million in annual savings compared to staffing levels in 2008.
Among the promotions will be the first two female Captains in Hoboken history.
“Hoboken was the first municipality in Hudson County with female firefighters, and today we are proud to be making history again,” added Mayor Zimmer. “I congratulate all of those receiving promotions, and especially the female firefighters who are helping to shatter another glass ceiling.”
The Fire Department’s dispatchers will be trained to respond to resident questions, comments, and requests. Dispatch operations will be relocated to City Hall and combined with a new 3-1-1 call center to offer residents 24/7 customer service.
The audit also notes that the “Department’s level of staffing and resources are sufficient, in conjunction with mutual aid from surrounding communities, to allow for the elimination of an engine company.” One engine company has already been eliminated.
The new Battalion Chiefs will be sworn in today, Wednesday, May 11 at 4pm in Council Chambers in City Hall. The new Fire Captains will be sworn in on Thursday, May 12 at 4pm in Council Chambers. Family members and members of the public are welcome to attend.
The following Captains will be promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief:
Captain Mario Fini
Captain Anton Peskens
Captain Paul Kasley
Captain John Cunning
Captain Luis Moyeno
The following Firefighters will be promoted to the rank of Fire Captain:
Stephen A. DiVincent
Audra A. Carter
Danny Montoto
Joseph J. Volaric
Brian M Crimmins
Maria D Diaz
Baron Ballester
Vincent C DePinto
Antonio D Tamborra
Robert F. Chaneski
Ray A. Martinez
Bernard Griletti
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