David Cruz flouts election law in Hoboken

Contested elections in Hoboken are not anything new but sometimes there are things that are just not necessary.  Yesterday the notoriously nasty political operative David Cruz illegally entered the Marine View polling station and was hanging around.  Told he could not remain there, the Jersey City resident let fly a string of f bombs up and down and refused.
A short walk of a few feet to Terry Castellano who was there with her youngest son voting did not lead to any better result.  MSV asked her if she could tell him to leave and he followed over and let go another string of f bombs right in front of her.  
David Cruz (right) of Jersey City stood outside the Marine View polling station minutes after an illegal and embarrassing display inside it.  He let fly an ugly string of words right in front of Councilwoman Castellano (left)
seen here speaking to a resident
“I can’t control him,” she said clearly embarrassed by the display.  David Cruz continued with his foul language and refused to leave when again asked to do so.  The only clean sentence out of his mouth was, “Call a cop.”  
The call was made and the police came and an officer spoke to David Cruz telling him to not go back inside the Hoboken polling station.  A suddenly meek David Cruz was able to put together a couple of sentences without an F bomb to tell the officer everything was fine.
Not five minutes after the police left, David Cruz came back into the polling station walked across and asked a woman for a cigarette before going back outside with Terry Castellano.  He was flapping about how Reform was losing the election and some other trite personal comments not deserving attention.
For the record, MSV told the Councilwoman we weren’t holding the incident against her.  David Cruz has been the spokesman for Tim Occhipinti last fall.  He also worked in that capacity in this election for Occhipinti, Terry Castellano and Mike Russo.
A call later to Hudson County Board of Elections led to an offer to send law enforcement to protect the premises but the request was later declined when David Cruz finally left the area.
David Cruz seen leaving the Hoboken polling station in Marine View.
The police had just told him to stay out and not five minutes later he came back.

Talking Ed Note: A big thank you to the police officers who came and the officer who spoke to David Cruz telling him to stay out.  Thanks guys!

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