2nd ward Provisional Shortfall?

While many are basking in the glow of Reform’s momentous win taking back the City Council, the issue of the 2nd ward provisional votes may be a closed matter.

The Hudson County Board of Elections believes the total provisionals outstanding is 10.
That number would leave Tom Greaney short of what’s required assuming he gets all of them in order to force a runoff with Councilwoman Beth Mason.

There could be legal challenges on Vote By Mail ballots but that is a longer shot.

Beth Mason earlier this week at the uptown ferry

First the County will have to review all the provisional ballots and determine their eligibility.  Then the election could be certified.  Beth Mason hold just over 51% of the 2nd ward vote and would be declared the winner if everything holds to a certification.

Talking Ed Note: 10 provisional votes is not going to trigger a runoff so what’s next.  Tom Greaney will have much to mull over.

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