Lowdown on the City Council Showdown: Beth Russo will get nothing

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Here’s the lineup for this evening:

Tonight is the last meeting before the finale later this month of the Beth Russo ‘majority,’ as they take one more shot at doing the only thing they actually know how to do, and that’s playing politics or as Councilman Mike Russo says “politrickin.”

It’s a steady diet they’ve been on since installing Tim Occhipinti and clearly old habits die hard.  This one isn’t going to either.

Back on the list of items is the witch hunt for emails of two mayor staffers.
Why?  Because they work for the mayor and do a good job.

Desired outcome: End their livelihood and destroy their careers.
Secondary desired outcome: Destroy Hoboken411’s and local editor’s local media reform counterparts who are telling way to much truth on way too many things, especially about Beth Russo and their ghostwriting attack mutt who needs a PIO job.
Likely outcome: Beth Russo will get nothing but the emails delivered by anyone who feels like it to the meeting.  The FBI on the other hand will get all the emails, identify the parties who illegally obtained them from suspected person(s) of interest re: the Beth Russo political apparatus: Hoboken411, and their man/minons.
(Final frog marching list TBD.)

Predicted winner:  The FBI

Another highlight is reducing the mayor’s and director’s salaries (again).  Both were reduced and that reduction was led by the mayor herself who also has reduced the Office of the Mayor’s budget from about $650,000 to $420,000 last MSV heard.

Mayor’s salary was reduced to $115,000.  Beth Russo new goal: $100,000.
Director’s salaries reduced to $103,00.  Beth Russo goal: $70,000 – $90,000
Proposed Council salary reduction: $0  Current about $25,000.  

Desired outcome: End current roster of professional directors.  Run them out of town.
Secondary desired outcome: Show everyone what bitter losers Beth Russo can be
Likely outcome: TBD.  Councilman Nino Giacchi is sadly placed in a position to determine his legacy after ten years on the council, and this will play into it.  MSV wishes him luck.

Predicted winner:  Hoboken’s professional directors, because it’s fun to root for the good and competent guys.

The final showings of the Beth Russo hypocrisy politrickin circus begins at 7:00.

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