Always in the fight

Some bad new tonight with the complete collapse of Councilman Nino Giachhi on budget surplus minimums. Such is life.

The Beth Russo face showing it’s essence but not answering the basic question posed, “did you see any emails requested in your resolution?”  The FBI will be most interested in the reaction to the question.  Their Hoboken411 apparatus is going to be in deep trouble.

Panic, deflection, avoidance behavior and major trouble in the form of the FBI taking down their RICO operation. People will be going to jail.

MSV believes it’s going down.

The basic summarization of the meeting reflecting the Old Guard sentiment on being lame ducks but refusing to work with others by Councilwoman Terry Castellano, “Lame ducks? watch us.”  She was correct.  The sabotage in their final moments was full blast.

The Old Guard is going down ugly and bitter to the end.  They could care less about the will of the people expressed in the outcome of the last election.  While there is remaining time they are doing the maximum damage to the city possible.

MSV is a libertarian at heart.  Tax reduction is our calling card.  These chicken hawks as Hoboken resident Scott Siegel describes them is 100% accurate.  The Beth Russo crew are not tax cutters, they are tax destroyers.  They have acted to deplete the city surplus to ZERO.

That is not a joke.  They have approved a zero surplus.  The city is naked and can not handle any sudden event whatsoever, not without a tax increase.  It’s nothing short of full out sabotage, the core Mike Russo position.   Councilman Nino Giacchi bears maximum culpability and the Councile of No orchestrated to the max, signed on board.

Nino we hardly knew ye.  Going out like a good ole boy and sticking the shiv into Hoboken.  Thanks for nothing.  Enjoy your free drinks in East LA (a Dave Roberts owned establishment.)  When the calling card comes due and sadly it will, we’ll be pointing at you.

That’s your legacy.

Talking Ed Note:  If I was mayor, I’d announce immediate layoffs in the municipal ranks. That’s the base of the Old Guard.  Let them explain the result to the people who have been unfortunately sacrificed.

The mayor does not take our admonishments.  On this one, we hope she will.  Do it.
Beth Russo wants to sabotage this city.  Make them pay the piper.

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