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Last night’s redevelopment meeting allowed an opportunity to meet some new readers and hear quite a few questions on the new premium content option.

So let’s give an example on how the content differs.  There are stories where for legal reasons you can’t post because people can’t or won’t go on the record but their story is credible and supported by the facts.  Those stories are most appropriate for premium members by subscription.  In addition, MSV’s best overall content will go to subscribers, it’s only fair.

Most people are electing to go with the $55 per year option over the $6 a month choice.  When you subscribe, you manage your account and all your personal information for either via Paypal’s independent system.  Paypal will send you two emails, one on your account information and another on your payment.  It’s not a double charge, just one.

MSV would like to thank all the people have subscribed so far and is looking forward to kicking it up a notch.  If you believe in this website’s focus on accountability and fighting corruption, give a monthly subscription a try.

The first subscriber story is about getting paid to vote in the 4th ward – over the last several elections: May, November and BoE elections.  It comes from the perspective of a 4th ward voter who does his “civic duty,” for the price of $40.

Here’s how to subscribe:

Select among the two subscription options below, click subscribe.
If you have a paypal account it will ask for approval, if not just a few safe, secure steps.
You’re done!

The Hudson Mile Square View

Thank you!
Da Horsey

Talking Ed Note: Those wishing to use snail mail may make out a check for $55 to:
RW Brice
635 Garden St.
5th floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Questions?  Just email:

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