Letter to a Hoss: Hoboken Resident Margaret O’Brien

The following was submitted to Da Horsey by lifelong Hoboken resident Margaret O’Brien:

Sour grapes and scuttlebutt is presently all over town from those who lost both public opinion and favor from the powers in charge. Their argument which doesn’t hold water is that moving the elections to
November and getting rid of time consuming runoffs and illegal fliers on cars and poles is an insult to

Our Founding Fathers would certainly disagree on all three counts, and the reasoning behind these
issues needs again to be presented to the public before the sky is falling chicken little’s leftover from old teams begin “educating” the public back to the old electoral ways of doing business….

Less elections are less expensive, and cleaner for our city. I lobbied hard for this with the COUNTY
and have recently been insulted by members of an old group that say they want OLD HOBOKEN
back for CONTROL!

New groups in town including volunteers and humanitarian efforts since Sandy are bringing new ideas and new people into the electoral process. They want and deserve clean, efficient processes…and
certainly less dirt…………..
The same old same old has lost power and prestige here especially in the Democratic Party, which
names like PHIL COHEN and others are doing their best to clean up with new laws and new rules.

Please, don’t kill the messenger by allowing these old time rumor mongers either any space in your
head or any headway into your voting process.

Margaret O’Brien – INDEPENDENT VOICE and VOTER…and “new senior.”

The People deciding has made for some sour grapes
according to Hobokenite Margaret O’Brien.

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