HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver announces family move and intention to serve

From the desk of HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver:

Effective Monday, March 18, my family and I have moved out of Hoboken
after nearly 10 extraordinary years in this wonderful community. The
decision to leave town was a very difficult decision for us, but
ultimately a necessary one on account of a confluence of personal
circumstances that rendered it impossible to continue living in our
apartment building and also difficult to remain distant from relatives
with rapidly increasing needs for our direct assistance. We are
incredibly grateful to all the amazing people we have come to know
during our time in Hoboken and thank each and every one of you for
enriching our lives in so many ways throughout this highly memorable

My commitment to the federal programs of the Hoboken Housing Authority
remains steadfast, and my obligation to my oath of office remains open
through the duration of my term, which ends in a few months.   On
Monday morning, I submitted an inquiry to HHA general counsel Charles
Daglian seeking his legal opinion as to whether there is a residency
requirement for continued service on the HHA board.  I have not yet
received a response from him on this issue.  If I am, in fact eligible
to continue serving, it is my intention to continue to do so until a
new commissioner has been appointed by the City Council to replace me
after the conclusion of my term.   While I have not yet received Mr.
Daglian’s guidance, he has assured me that he has been working
exhaustively throughout the week and I am confident that he will be in
a position to provide his answer, together with citations to the
specific statutory authority and case law upon which he is relying,
within the next several days.

I take my commitments and obligations with the utmost degree of
seriousness, and am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to
fulfill my duties as a Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner and
pledge my full ongoing attention and work ethic to ensuring the best
possible policies, practices and administrative oversight in the
interest of the residents of the Authority and the fiduciary duties to
which I am sworn to uphold.


 Talking Ed Note: At the last HHA meeting in public portion former HHA commissioner and fourth ward councilman Chris Campos raised the residency issue and receives an answer to his inquiry from Executive Director Carmelo Garcia who says there is a Hoboken residency rule for HHA commissioners and it’s vetted through the NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

MSV has not been able to confirm Caremlo Garcia’s stated conclusion.

Jake Stuiver founded and personally aided in funding at no small personal cost an annual Thanksgiving Dinner the last several years at the HHA.  That he has suffered graciously the personal attacks of the Old Guard stalwarts backing Carmelo Garcia and the Vote-by-mail crowd in the HHA is to his great credit.

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