Grist for the Mill: Bidding war? How much for the the 33rd Assembly Seat?

A Grist for the Mill Million Dollar Exclusive

If you wanted to be an Assemblyman in the State of New Jersey, the first thing you’d want to do is find a listing of openings.  You’d discover in due course, there’s a spot open for 33rd Assemblyman currently expiring with Ruben Ramos.

So how would you submit your application?  Well one Hoboken resident appeared a month back asking just that question but not in any state forum choosing oddly enough of all places, a Hoboken City Council meeting.  2011 second ward candidate Franz Paetzold suggested if there was an interest in the Assembly seat on a Brian Stack ticket among council members Beth Mason and Ravi Bhalla, it would be great not to have that decided behind closed doors but in a public forum where everyone could listen in to those two candidates.

It was a very odd proposal not just for where it took place but how it came about with only those two names.  Paetzold didn’t think the idea was applicable to different potential slates re: the Hudson County Democratic Organization and another possibly by State Senator Brian Stack.  He only thought of it as related to a slate by the State Senator and Union City Mayor.  In an interview later, he wasn’t sure why he missed applying his idea to both sides, but he assured MSV it was his idea.

No one has heard more on his idea since, not with peace breaking out in Hudson County where one unified ticket is the talk of the land.

Franz Paetzold shares a happy moment at the Hoboken Democratic Committee
count outside in May of 2011 with Hoboken’s Frank “Pupie” Raia.

That odd escapade is nothing to what’s swimming in the bowels of the mile square.  Which two Hoboken candidates are the talk of the town for entering into a rumored SEVEN FIGURES BIDDING WAR for one State Assembly seat?  The chatter has spread like wildfire throughout the mile square and reached the staff of a certain downtown Jersey City councilman less than enamored by the auction.

One bidding Assembly candidate has plenty to do with business ventures across the state of New Jersey but if you want to outbid him for a pretty picture, he’s not sure he wants to see it hanging on your wall.

The other bidder is a morose political dead ender in Hoboken who is asking their spouse to buy them one more political gift and this time promises they won’t squander it with an army of checkbook vampiric political operatives.

Well rumors even juicy ones with million plus dollar exchanges bandied about are certainly entertaining but didn’t a certain governor in the State of Illinois try to generate a bidding war for a US Senate seat landing him in jail?


Are there any federal agents in town available to collect a well deserved promotion?  
This scalp could be quite the prize.

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