The Jersey Sting: ‘The boys are back in town’

Back in 2009, the fed’s sting in New Jersey led to a new book on the case, Operation Bid Rig and included a short blurb on one Hoboken councilman named Mike Russo no one knew anything about.  The series of events led to a raging corruption controversy today leading into the May 10th citywide council elections.  The authors come back to the scene of “the crime” for a return engagement today.

The award winning journalists, authors of “The Jersey Sting,” are back in Hoboken for a two hour discussion with Q&A this afternoon at the Hoboken Public Library from 2-4. The authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin last appeared in Hoboken at the scene of an earlier crime, The Malibu Diner where ex-mayor and the now imprisoned Peter Cammarano took thousands of dollars in return for promises of approving developer project commitments.

Good government and 1st ward reform candidate Eric Kurta gets a keepsake of ‘The Jersey Sting” signed by authors Ted Sherman (l) and Josh Margolin during their midweek appearance at The Malibu Diner.

The brouhaha resulting in a series of stories appearing here on MSV led to friction between the award winning writers and Councilman Mike Russo who stated in a number of less than candid remarks he had straightened out FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

When the actual video of the FBI surveillance tapes were released, the truth proved to be otherwise and far worse than anyone thought – far beyond the short blurbs of Mike Russo and Solomon Dwek in the book.

Talking Ed Note: In addition to the book signing the big question is will Councilman Mike Russo appear to make an apology.  His claim anyone who says he accepted a bribe were “liars” backfired.

When MSV went back to the authors seeking additional comment, the series of stories here led to the release of the FBI surveillance tapes backing up the contention of “The Jersey Sting,” authors.

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