Kids First: The bell sounds for the children on Election Day!

Kids First announces:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This is it!!! Election Day! The day you keep the progress going!

The Board of Education election is today and the polls are open from 7am to 9pm.
Kids First has made help make so many incredible advances in the past two years – including hiring a wonderful new Superintendent, Dr Toback, giving the classrooms and teachers what they need and deserve, expanding opportunities for the students, creating processes that are fair and open and reducing the tax levy to the legal minimum. We have come so far….. we can’t stop now!!

All that is needed now is your vote. In Hoboken, every single vote truly counts. This is especially true today as we strive to overcome a massive Vote by Mail effort by our opponents. This effort has already gathered over 600 ballots.

Please….go! Bring a friend. Call or email everyone you know that cares about moving Hoboken forward. Let’s keep it going!

Please support Jean Marie Mitchell, Cliff Godfrey and Steve Feinstein 3A, 4A and 5A today!

Thank you so much for all you support!

Talking Ed Note: Today is election day, an important day in our Republic to stand up and be counted. This election as on May 10th is a battle being waged on multiple lines.

While Americans are putting life and limb at risk around the globe, the American way of life and our Constitution is being subverted at home in the sullying of our basic freedoms preserved through free and fair elections.

In a random conversation with some Hoboken residents the other day, the refrain about voter fraud, “Everyone does it” was tossed out like candy. This is a Soprano State lie and an “On the Waterfront,” truism. It needs to put to rest and buried.

And other people need to stop treating our elections like some communist rigged election where voting integrity does not enter into the equation.

Let your voice be heard today. And stand up for Our Republic and Hoboken by voting.

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