Grist for the Mill: Matt Calicchio shows up at Election Board with hundreds of VBM

Yesterday the vote by mail for the Board of Education arrived via another tsunami torrent.  Did I say vote by mail?  I meant vote by Calicchio as in don’t worry about getting a stamp, the young man on yet another Old Guard mission is going to deliver the mail for you from Hoboken to Jersey City and make sure it gets counted, all handy like.

A report from a reliable source indicated Matt Calicchio showed up at the Hudson County Board of Elections with a friend lugging in dozens and dozens of vote by mail ballots.  Wonder if I could get a comment on that from Assemblywoman Joan Quigley who likes to sport red herrings on her lapel anytime questions arise on this practice of putting the US postman out of business for days during election time.

It’s familiar faces and fun and games time as Hoboken enters another election day, today for the BoE.

Sorry Assemblywoman, you may be going off to pasture but Da Horsey has a long memory.  The legislation passed limiting 10 ballots per bearer apparently only applies to unsealed ballots.  If they show up at the election building sealed, apparently no one bats an eye when a virtual tsunami comes tumbling out hand delivered.  (This was retold from an onsite source.)

One day when law enforcement moves Hoboken up on its wish list, the hammer is going to come down and come down hard.  As after the Cammarano arrest, suddenly everyone will develop amnesia and forget they were ever on the wrong side of the voter fraud question.  At least until another FBI surveillance video starring an elected official is released.

Yesterday at one local eatery some local folks mentioned the Board of Ed election and joked with Da Horsey but later became serious defending voter fraud after asking our place of birth of course.  Because you know, your birth certificate matters more than voting integrity of the ballot or as we said to the ladies and the owner, “that law thingy.”

Their collective refrain “they do it everywhere,” is still ringing in our ears.

While we await those grand boys of summer from the NJ Attorney General’s office or the Feds in Newark to make a Hoboken visit, please send an email of concern beseeching aid  to:

Mr. Vincent Militello
Deputy Attorney General

Hoboken needs you (and law enforcement) more than ever.  Please vote today!

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