Beth Mason launches desperate hit job on Tom Greaney

MSV has been quietly tracking a story speaking with a few people about illegal investigations into the personal affairs of others leading into the city council election. There was a subtle reference to it in the Council forum debates and from the front row it was clear, an indirect reference to such activity made Councilwoman Mason uncomfortable. (Yes we noticed.)

A discussion on the distant past of 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney and financial problems he ran into a decade and a half ago is being wielded by Beth Mason’s political operatives on Mason411 re: Hoboken411 in an desperate bid to knock off her opponent.

In the purest savagery seen by Beth Mason’s ubermensch ghostwriting minion, Tom Greaney is taken for a dirty mudfest roll for his long ago financial problems having no bearing on his candidacy in Hoboken today.

So how does one legally obtain such ancient financial information on a person?
The answer: you can’t. It’s not legal. But Beth Mason wrote a check and now it appears her people have concluded there is no other way for her to win and she must launch the most destructive attack on her opponent in a desperate bid to knock him out of the box almost two full weeks before election day.

Earlier this year, Beth Mason’s own husband decried bad behavior far less than this:

The irony of this comment should not be lost on anyone. Once again, a hit job far worse than what Hoboken411 in it’s vindictive venomous style directed to Peter Cammarano’s unknown daughter has been launched. Unlike that last minute hit job, this one by her “anonymous” blogger(s) comes far sooner.  In fact, MSV had predicted a similar attack on Tom Greaney would come from the ethically challenged 2nd ward Councilwoman but anticipated it 48-72 hours in advance of the election.

What this pathetic story by Beth Mason’s political operatives demonstrates is her utter desperation they are sitting on a sinking candidate and have no other choice but to hit the panic button and send out the most destructive bomb in their arsenal.

The politics of personal destruction are alive and well in Camp Mason.

Beth Mason’s achievement: her apex of low

Talking Ed Note: There’s little left to say about Beth Mason and her lack of ethics, transparency and floundering political career. There’s no emotion to convey other than sadness. That someone who was once held in respect by so many in Hoboken before becoming an elected official and has sunk so low so fast is just remarkable.

MSV can extend nothing but pity to the 2nd ward Councilwoman. She’s reached the apex of her decline.

I feel sorry for you Ms. Mason.

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