Judy Tripodi – “Surplus to almost double in 2010-11”

Judy Tripodi, fiscal state monitor speaks on a police organizational evaluation before the announcement of the police audit being approved by the State and is due later this month.  Forensic auditing is the next big topic reviewed and the concerns due to corruption is also part of it and Judy mentions the backend research efforts by Finance Director Nick Trasente.  There’s some additional discussion about forensic accounting completed in the Parking Authority leading up to the corruption uncovered on that front.

In this segment, Judy also talks about the $4.4 million surplus in 2009 and it almost doubling for fiscal year 2010 beginning July 1.

Related: The Hudson Reporter posted a piece just earlier on raises retroactive two years for the Police union totaling over 10% for three years, and a 2.3% increase for the fourth year.  A change in medical providers offers savings but the figure is not mentioned.  The story by Timothy J. Carroll suggests the City Council and the Mayor are not happy about the deal on the table.  Apparently, this has been leaked from the police union as Judy Tripodi is on vacation and unavailable for comment.

In an earlier interview with Mile Square View, Judy Tripodi said funds were budgeted for the retroactive costs as public safety unions had operated without a new agreement over the last two years.

Earlier MSV had shared with some readers horse sense about arbitration.  It appears that may in fact be the case in regards to the fire unions.

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