’bout last nite – City Council Meeting recap

If you missed the City Council meeting, you probably picked the best one in a long while.  It was short and lacked the intensity along with a big crowd to spur on the old Hoboken style showmanship we have come to expect.  Even when it’s been fairly unrealistic, its entertainment value is better than most TV fare these days.  No, we are not proclaiming our love for any of it.

Our new colleague at, Claire Moses actually has an excellent summary of the events in one comprehensive story.  If we could have saved those hours, we might have gotten in some exercise last night.  Oh well check it out and also see Mark Mauer’s detailed effort over at Hoboken Now.

Our take is the discussion by Nino Giacchi on St. Patrick’s Day was most interesting, as in the trepidation in watching an approaching train wreck.  Everyone on the City Council received a copy of the  editorial, “St. Patrick’s Coming Titanic Disaster” and nothing came back but the sound of crickets.  When you watch the anxiety of Nino Giacchi in the video here, it’s obvious as to why.  No one really knows what’s going to happen and it’s clear everyone feels powerless should something bad occur.  (Note the references about planning changes for next year; where have we heard that before?)  Councilwoman Beth Mason chatted with MSV before closed session and expressed legitimate concerns and also asked for our suggestion(s).  (We’ll post a piece on our discussion later.)  We do know Councilman Giacchi is working with Mayor Zimmer.  Whether it’s effective or not remains to be seen.  Pray for bad weather.  Otherwise it looks like we’re heading for some trouble, maybe big trouble.  And we should note, the heavy usage of the words “Zero Tolerance” never seems to go hand in hand with any discussion, past, present or future with the word “Arrest” and/or “Jail.”

If you were a drunken amateur lout, would you be worried about going nuts in Hoboken?
Oh you are going to give me a ticket?

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