Dealing with the cards dealt

Councilwoman Beth Mason in an off the cuff interview on break before the City Council’s closed session last night spoke about the complex issues facing the city with the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  She described the problems as weekend generated with drunken activity starting early in the morning, unruly house parties and the Port Authority providing additional trains into Hoboken all exacerbating a difficult management problem.

“The Parade isn’t the problem.  There’s drinking going on in the morning before the Parade… The Port Authority doesn’t help by scheduling more trains coming into Hoboken. The problem is the thousands of people (organizing) on Facebook.  And the house parties are a big problem.”

Although we differed on the scale of the last point, the Councilwoman described the additional police and fire efforts to handle the house parties throughout the town and a hope this would tone down some of the excessive “mob behavior” that arises when alcohol is mixed with such large groups of people.  At another point she asked what ideas Da Horsey would suggest to try to get the situation under control.  
Offering that the problem begins with the lack of seriousness by the town and its government combined with the scale of ever increasing crowds, versus the numerous “house parties” Da Horsey noted there’s just no way Hoboken’s Police and Fire can manage the increasing scale before something very bad happens.

After sleeping on it, we posted our piece earlier today and noted we’ve yet to hear anyone in government at any level discuss arrests, jail or lockup.  We have to wonder if a few well placed batons or arrests would spread the word better than a summons.  That may sound harsh but is it a better alternative than if a resident(s) gets into a physical battle when drunken revelers are caught urinating on their home.  One such incident occurred just recently with a family member of Councilwoman Castellano leading to serious injuries.  What happens if you multiply those incidents on a wider scale or worse?

MSV would like to thank Councilwoman Mason for the impromptu interview.

Photo: Councilwoman Beth Mason at last night’s City Council meeting.  All rights reserved.

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