Lunchtime with Da Horsey and Bet Mazin

Now that the Jersey Sting authors have reconfirmed their source tape and again addressed the matter of another Russo acceptance of the loot, this time the Mike Russo version – we’re on to reviewing other tape.

Why?  Because it’s just so quiet out there.  How is a political consultant to make any coin when they can’t issue a press release on behalf of the biggest politician paying person in town?  Can’t a political consultant get a dime?

Of course the silence we’re hearing from the army of consultants from Councilwoman Beth Mason is raising quite alarming concern.  How can her army of consultants be expected to feed their families if all they get to write about is college basketball?

Won’t someone please ask Beth to show some mercy and churn out some stuff on the $27 million surplus, or how Ian Sacs should be more polite about being assaulted on the job or hey if you really don’t want to be on the Beth Mason payroll anymore, just tell her to say she doesn’t think it’s a swell idea to agree to accept money in the thousands of dollars at $5,000 a pop from FBI informants.

That is of course unless it’s her writing the checks.  Here’s Da Horsey’s videotape starring Bet Mazin and her favorite Weehawken based, law school flunking political operative. Yes we have bumped him up to the top spot over the Mason411 minion.

James B, downfall of a Wannabe Shark
by: smartyjones

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