City for Sale, an insider view of Hoboken vote buying in the 4th ward

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Mr. Q, a veteran payee of 4th ward voter fraud over many years looks at you in brief moments turning away in a nervous and telling way.  Is he fearful of you looking too deeply into him? Or is it because he’s seen enough of the look in your eyes, recognizing it countless times from others, judging him for his outward appearance, his lack of economy so to speak? With Mr. Q, you can’t be 100% sure. Perhaps he’s not either. He is however certain to take cash for voting in every 4th ward election.

Unlike Mr. X, he doesn’t call for the corruption to end but what they share in common is knowing their community is being exploited. Mr. Q. also knows some of the players and he has something to say about them and recent payments. Apparently, getting paid lately hasn’t been as systematic as some may think. He isn’t happy about it.

Lower Jackson St. by the HHA

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