It’s the machines versus the paper factory express!

Updated: 8:05

First update since this afternoon and we are seeing some significant turnout numbers.
These are only the machine numbers we are getting up to the early evening with a full hour or more to go!

4-1  418
4-2  650?? ***
4-3  289
4-4  320 ?

(The above numbers are preliminary and subject to confirmation and a final tally by the Hudson Board of Elections.)

At this rate if the 4-2 comes in near 600, there’s going to be some positive feeling on the reform side.  But the big question mark looming is the unprecedented amount of paper ballot votes – re: vote by mail.  Of more than 600, it’s expected to be heavily lopsided for the Tim Occhipinti paper factory express.

The other striking number above is the unconfirmed number from the 4-4.  It’s too high considering the whacked out tallies we’ll be seeing in the vote by mail out of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

That raises numerous issues.

A heavy amount of challenges are all ready to go against the vote by mail anticipated to begin evaluation shortly.  Originally thought to be decided in the early afternoon, it is only close to geting underway with people heading over to the County.

On Saturday the challengers for Occhipinti were former Peter Cammarano counsel Michael Goldberg and Michelle Russo.  Will confirm more on this when possible.

There will be four county people evaluating challenges, two Democrat and two Republican.  Any 2-2 ties will be forwarded on to Judge Gallipoli.

Of the miraculous “coincidence” first uncovered here on MSV of 78 of 79 Tim Occhipinti ‘campaign workers,’ every single one had requested a paper ballot – vote by mail.  Only one hadn’t returned that ballot days away from the election deadline to do so.

This is going to be a major issue and will be viewed as a potential benchmark.  If it’s is overlooked by the County – it’s a blow to a broader claim of widespread vote by mail fraud.

There are a number of differentials those vote by mail ballots can go so speculation isn’t productive.  Just know that how the Hudson County Board of Elections treats this is critical.

The whole State of New Jersey will be watching.

Buckle in this is going to be a very bumpy ride.

*** A report just in from the 4-2 now says that tally is expected to come in well over 600 in the 650 range!

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