Occhipinti holds slight lead on machine, anticipated to rake in VBM

Tim Occhipinti leads on the machine vote 841 to 791.

Here are the unconfirmed totals from the machines:

4-1 223 ML 191 TO

4-2 445 ML 184 TO

4-3 102 ML 172 TO

4-4 21 ML 292 TO

With a small lead on the machine vote but anticipated to have a substantial number in the vote by mail paper ballots of the 512 confirmed, even a strong challenge by the Lenz for Council campaign is not anticipated to reverse the course.

MSV will try to get some updated figures tonight after the challenges are complete.

As of 10:10, there is no report on the vote by mail.  Tim Occhipinti is declaring victory although Mike Lenz has not conceded the election.  
(See he knew all along what those paper ballots said.)

The vote by mail numbers of over 500 are not expected to change the outcome even with strong successful challenges.  Uncertified numbers may not come in until tomorrow.

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